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Über uns

Limes from Mexico and Brazil

No one can beat us when it comes to limes. But many try to learn from us. Because Don Limón started off with limes. We get our best limes from Mexico and Brazil. Since the production areas complement each other perfectly, we can distribute limes all year long to the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Grapes from Peru, South Africa, Brazil
India, Egypt and Chile

Green grapes, black grapes or red grapes? With or without seeds? Every market gets just what it needs from us. The grapes vary as much as the tastes of the different markets. In the Far East and the Middle East, the grapes from Peru are in high demand.

We don’t sit in the office – we’re right at the market.

Don Limón is on the go all around the world. Our warehouse is in Rotterdam and our offices are right in the middle of the Hamburg Wholesale Market. You can’t get any closer to the action. That‘s why we not only know how to get the best fruit to Europe reliably and quickly. We also know how to proceed once it gets here.