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Physalis by Don Limón



Physalis from Colombia have become especially fun for us. Despite the small-scale farming structures, we have achieved food-safety and reliability standards here that resemble those of an industrial fruit product – a benefit that our discount-loving customers particularly appreciate.


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Latest Physalis News

  • Consumidores estadounidenses no compran physalis con cáscara

    Como sea que prefieran llamarla, physalis, aguaymanto o uchuva, lo cierto es que a pesar de ser llamativa  a la vista, los consumidores estadounidenses prefieren que sea comercializada sin su característica cáscara que la envuelve. Los importadores en EE.UU. están encontrando más éxito en el mercado si simplemente se deshacen de la “innecesaria” capa de […]

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  • „We want to make physalis snacks „
    Physalis is one of the fruits that make up the current superfood consumption trend that is spreading worldwide. It is considered a superfood because of its properties and vitamins. It has positioned itself as a gourmet fruit that accompanies the vast majority of haute cuisine culinary tastings.Andes Fruits,…..
  • Colombian physalis finds its way into the US market
    While the European culinary world and consumers are definitely familiar with the peculiar flavour of physalis, or cape gooseberry, in the United States it has only been recently introduced and exports of the Colombian fruit to this market have increased compared to last year. Also, since mid-2015, the…..