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Weintrauben von Don Limón

Our Don Limón Grapes are under control!

Now Don-Limon can offer Grapes throughout the year

Now our grape line will come from different parts of the world and will be available to pick up by the customers throughout the season. Our main grape items are coming from South Africa, India and Egypt.

In this parts of the world we have direct access with the producers in order to understand more closely what is going on there. This intensive contact and communication with the producers gives us really strong ground to know more about Grapes. When man can connect well with man in direct source and have strong relation with the producers, can make the whole process chain more stable and can make really control over the quality.

Our Grape project carry out the development of production

Together with German Government we can really develop the production of Indian Grapes in the area of Sangli and bring the good quality product in different markets. Therefore with the help of this we can optimize the quality as well as can control the monitoring of Indian Grapes from India for different destination of Europe, Canada and Russia.

India – Sangli

Grapes Season Calendar

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South Africa

News of Don Limón Grapes

  • Image:Our first grapes from South Africa

    Our first grapes from South Africa

    The first grapes from South Africa have arrived in Hamburg. The color and taste immediately elicited a positive response on the market, which prompted us to start importing a container every week from South Africa as of the first week in December. Plans for a new Don Limón office in South Africa are already in progress.

  • Image:Grapes directly imported from India

    Grapes directly imported from India

    Don Limón has been importing grapes from India for some time but in 2015 also began marketing the grapes in their own Don Limón packaging for the first time. Debjit Ghosh, a native of India, was responsible for this exciting new step.

  • Image:Change for Don Limon grapes from India

    Change for Don Limon grapes from India

    In cooperation with Developpp, Sequa and the German Federal Ministry of Development, Don Limón is now providing support to small farmers in India in order to help them gain access to international markets. Investments are being made in machinery, the water supply, and the quality management of grapes. Assistance is also provided with the organization, management and optimization of processes before and after the harvest. Read more about promoting development in India.

  • Image:Don Limón grapes from India and Egypt very promising

    Don Limón grapes from India and Egypt very promising

    After a year of intensive market analysis and building up good relations with producers, our first year with Indian grapes has been a great success. We are currently working on importing grapes from Egypt and expect the first pallet to arrive on June 6.

  • Image:New expert on citrus fruit and table grapes in South Africa

    New expert on citrus fruit and table grapes in South Africa

    „Don Limón“ strives to bring the producer as close as possible to the consumer. To achieve this, the company uses its expertise to help producers increase their production efficiency and product quality and to assist them with marketing.

  • Image:Empowerment scheme bears fruit

    Empowerment scheme bears fruit

    Our first grape grower project in India bears fruit, with its first commercial season starting this month.

Latest Grape News

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Debjit Ghosh
+49(0) 40 3095499-41
Together with the German Federal Ministry of Econmic Cooperation and Developement Debjit is working close together with indian farmers. His knowledge helps to improve processes, availability and social standard
Carel Jacobs
+27 21 863 0952
Carel was born and bred in a grower family. He later obtained a degree in Agricultural Economics and Financial management. After his studies he gained more experience in most of the major grape varieties.