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Cardamom by Don Limón


In 1914 the German Oscar Majus Klöffer (a coffee grower emigrated from Hamburg Germany) brought the green cardamom to Cobán in Guatemala.

The seeds were used as aroma medicines. During the last century Cardamom were soon spread throughout the whole country and was helping indigenous people from different ethnic mayan groups, like the Q’eqchì, Q’anjob’al, Mam and Kichè by creating job opportunities.

Today Guatemala is the largest producer and exporter of Cardamom in the world and the cultivation is done by more than 350.000 families through more than 82.000 ha of crop land.

Cardamom became an important agriculture product – right after sugar cane, banana and coffee. Cardamom is a fruit from the Zingiberaceae family, cultivated in tropical areas, between 600 meters and 1500 meters altitude. Harvesting is done by hand and then it will get dried for about 24 hours before being sorted by size and color.

We as a German company are defending our great reputation and we are proud to supply serious service to customer and producer of this product.


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