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  • Ecuador: „Reduction in the price of bananas is due to market cycles“
    The Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador, Vanesa Cordero, said the fall in the price of a box of bananas to $ 6.26 was due to the cycles of the international market.In addition, Europeans don’t consume so many bananas in summer and there’s also more supply of that fruit from Central America, which affects its…..
  • “Difficult banana market in summer, despite favourable weather”
    The banana market never flourishes in the summer period, but this year it’s very calm. “It hasn’t often been as bad as it was in the past few weeks,” says Hans Maagendans from Banafood. “From week 30 there has really been a low point regarding sales and prices on the free market. And the weather circumstances…..
  • Mexico: Tabasco, targeted by transnational banana producers
    According to the Rural Development Coordination of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Forestry Development and Fishing (Sedafop), transnational companies, such as Chiquita Banana, have contacted banana producers in Tabasco to purchase their product and export it to the east coast of the United States.Ovidio…..