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Latest Clementine News

  • Chile exports the first clementines a week early
    According to information provided to SimFRUIT by Chile’s Citrus Committee, the Chilean citrus season began a week earlier than the previous season, on week 15, with the first shipment of clementines.Nearly 191 tons of clementines (12,260 boxes) were shipped from Valparaiso to the US; 89% of them will reach the…..
  • „Not many companies can deliver all clementines with leaf“
    „Clementines with leaf are our specialty; we are currently working with Nadorcott and Ortanique mandarins, and in two weeks we hope to start marketing the Murcott and Orri varieties,“ explains Jose Mechó, manager of Agribur.Based in the municipality of La Vall d’Uixó, Castellon, Agribur has its headquarters…..
  • „Of the 60,000 kg of clementines produced, 40,000 had to be discarded“
    This is a campaign that already started in an atypical way, since prospects had pointed to a 21% increase of the production in Spain, but it all ended „in a chaotic way,“ states Antonio Sinisterra, owner of Huerto Sinisterra. „We have been able to save a third of the clementines, but we know that other…..