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News of Don Limón Limes

  • Image:Analysis and forecast of the South African citrus season

    Analysis and forecast of the South African citrus season

    As expected, last season’s starting price for lemons has remained high and grapefruit is also being sold at fixed prices. These fruits have mainly been exported to markets in the Far East due to the high demand there for fresh, early-season citrus fruit.

  • Image:Don Limon and Havana Club Cooperation

    Don Limon and Havana Club Cooperation

    From this month, we will start distributing the limes packed in Havana Club boxes through retailers and wholesale markets in Germany. The fruit is packed in Mexico in bags of 3, 4 or 5 units so that German consumers can enjoy them in the summer.

  • Image:Limes by air

    Limes by air

    During the first three weeks of May, the European market was such that it allowed for air-shipped limes from Mexico to Europe

Latest Lime News

  • Hurricane Franklin reduces lime crossings into the US
    The vast majority of limes available in the US are imported from Mexico. “We source 90 percent of our product in the state of Veracruz, the balance in Michoacán, says Raúl Millan of Vision Import Group LLC. “When price and market conditions allow, we source from Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia,” he…..
  • Australian red limes take the European market by storm
    The first Australian limes arrived at Torres Tropical Fresh a couple of weeks ago. What’s special about these limes is the red colour. „It’s a cross between the well known Australian finger limes and the Burmese Rangpur lime,“ says Marcel van Rooijen. „Customers think it’s great because they really have…..
  • US finger limes available with new certifications
    Shanley Farms’ Citriburst finger limes are coming into its peak season as organic and Global Gap certified.“We’re not into the heart of the bell curve yet but we’ve been climbing in terms of our harvest and we’ll see peak production in another month,” says Jim Shanley of Morro Bay, Ca.-based Shanley Farms……