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News of Don Limón Limes

  • Image:Analysis and forecast of the South African citrus season

    Analysis and forecast of the South African citrus season

    As expected, last season’s starting price for lemons has remained high and grapefruit is also being sold at fixed prices. These fruits have mainly been exported to markets in the Far East due to the high demand there for fresh, early-season citrus fruit.

  • Image:Don Limon and Havana Club Cooperation

    Don Limon and Havana Club Cooperation

    From this month, we will start distributing the limes packed in Havana Club boxes through retailers and wholesale markets in Germany. The fruit is packed in Mexico in bags of 3, 4 or 5 units so that German consumers can enjoy them in the summer.

  • Image:Limes by air

    Limes by air

    During the first three weeks of May, the European market was such that it allowed for air-shipped limes from Mexico to Europe

Latest Lime News

  • Mexico: HLB pest decreases Oaxaca’s lime production by 40%
    The HLB pest reduced Oaxaca’s lime production by 50,000 tons, which accounts for 40 percent of the state’s total. The pest is currently present in 2 thousand hectares of citrus, i.e. 20 percent of the plantations. As a result, lime prices have increased, stated the representative of the citrus product system…..
  • Mexican limes prefer the United States market
    The popularity of the limes from Veracruz, Mexico, has been growing in the United States. Even though this fruit has other interesting markets, such as the Asian or European markets, companies like Tequila Limes prefer to focus on expanding their product in the United States. Logistics is one of the main…..
  • Mexico is the leading lemon and lime producer and exporter
    Lemons are extremely important if we consider the number of applications they can be used for, unlike any other agricultural product. The most important part of lemons is their juice, which can make up to 50% of their weight.Each fruit contains 0.5 mg of vitamin C, i.e. 71% of the daily requirement of an adult…..