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Employee First

My grandfather founded the company in 1954 and my father grew it his way until 2000. Like many others from the post-war generation, the management culture was patriarchal: “You are not here to think. You are here to work. You do what I say.” This was the mindset at the time.”

In 2000 a new generation started the process of changing this to create a corporate culture based on enabling, encouraging and collaborating. We created a platform for native speakers from all market segments our company is involved in. Today we have more than 10 nationalities at our international trading office. Each member of the team is an expert in a particular market.

Join us as an employee, as a customer or as a supplier.

We start with trading and then expand to take on the roles of producer, packer and exporter, as well. Our team members have a unique understanding of the details and possible barriers that can be involved at each step. Their in-depth knowledge of the business allows them to develop solutions to overcome any obstacles along the way.

As the leader of the company, I provide them with solutions for risk management, finance and technical and physical infrastructure. Today our network is our corporate culture and it allows us to continue growing our trading capacity with no limits in sight.

Debjit Ghosh

Don-limon is really a great platform where I really developed myself personally as well as professionally. The complete international environment gives me really a great exposure to understand people’s reactions as well as their behavior. It really gave me a freedom to bring my own ideas about different businesses in reality. The power and the exposure that you get under Don-Limon is just unimaginable. This is a kind of job that I really enjoy every day.

I get to know about different cultures, country as well as different nationals. Travel to different destinations in order explore different market really fascinates me.

Konstantin Zwissler

Everybody has creative potential, within the parameters set at Don Limon you can use your potential and run with it. I feel empowered to develop business myself. I am able to split my time between learning the mechanics of running a trading business and gaining practical experience in trading myself.

In business it is paramount that you learn to trust yourself. To act according to your judgment. Solely executing orders, passed down from the top, is unsatisfying. Working on your own projects, asking for advise and being mentored throughout the process is much more rewarding. It builds confidence and shapes the individual to become a decision maker.

Anastasia Berillo

At Don Limón I am inspired by the way the different cultures work together. It makes it easier for us to continue expanding on the international market and to establish the right connection to the customers and suppliers around the world. Although we are all so different, we are a great and successful international team. I consider that our “business card”, as they say in Russia.

I am able to learn a lot from my colleagues and to get an insight into the way people work and conduct themselves in other cultures. That makes a person open for the whole world.

Edrich Burger

I am inspired by the way our company flows between many different nationalities and cultures to reach a common goal: to become experts in fruit trading in all areas of the world. Becoming experts in fruit trading in all areas of the world inspires me.

The company culture helps me understand the cultural differences of diverse markets as well as the production side of the global fruit industry. I can use this knowledge in my own culture to establish strong links with the rest of the world’s fruit industry.

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