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  • AU: New technology really app-peeling to banana growers
    The new Better Bunch app is a time-saving tool helping banana growers across North Queensland better manage their crops.It saves growers time by allowing them to record their on-farm practices while out on the farm and access their records, either by their mobile device or computer.So far the Better Bunch app…..
  • “After bananas our own line of pineapples from Cost Rica as well”
    At the end of last year Central Produce in Barendrecht started working as a European sales office for a Costa Rican banana grower. The first bananas arrived in December. “Everyone was wondering what we were doing in the banana market, which is dominated by the big players, but thanks to the set programmes the…..
  • US study recommends eating two bananas a day
    Researchers from the United States conducted a series of experiments, and concluded in the end that one of the essential foodstuffs of the people must be bananas. Scientists recommend to eat bananas daily: these fruits, according to them, can greatly improve health.The authors of a new study have come to…..