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Fruit Business is People Business

Fruit business is people business: In 2012 Mark Gmehling designed our international Fruit-Team. Later we modified it and published it in Asia. Since then we are working on a global company.

We bring Latin America closer

We became aware of our competence of building bridges between Latin America and Europe. We were communicating: No one brings you closer to Latin America.

Limes are our World

At that time we were just focussed on limes. The idea of the Slogan “Limes are our World” came from Jan Ritter of The Orcas.

Donna Limona

We were inspired by Mel Ramos and his Della Monty. Our Donna Limona is illustrated by Jan Meinninghaus.

The juiciest Fruits

Jeff Koons designed „The Juciest Fruits“ in the office of The Orcas.


Our Limesbombs were the first idea for a poster. The juiciest Fruits were much more successful.