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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Feeding the World 2050

Don Limon’s vision is to create a better tomorrow by using smart agriculture and producing secure and healthy food.

Transfer of Technology Center

Smallholder farmers will be trained and educated in all important farming and export related topics. Innovative technology from the Universities and research centers will be transferred directly to the farmers at a practical level and affordable price.

National Consumption / Export

Through our Transfer of Technology Centers, we can achieve an increased national consumption and export of high quality fruits and vegetables. That contributes to our overall goal of providing food to a worldwide rising demand.

Energy / Water

In the course of our projects we are able to focus on a sustainable and responsible use of water and energy. Water treatment plants and solar energy panels can be set up.

Private Households (regional development)

Private households become more self-sufficient and treat their land in more sustainable way.

Through our projects we are able to have a social, environmental and economic impact in all the regions we work in.


UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Don Limón is contributing towards achieving these international goals. Through our projects Don Limón wants to help:

Ending Poverty
Mutualizing Hunger
Establishing Quality Education for Farmers
Strengthen Gender Equality
Creating a Decent Work and Economic Growth
Realizing a Responsible Consumption and Production
Taking Climate Actions
Don Limón engages in successful and productive Partnerships to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.


CEO Statement

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